Ita Beausang (née Hogan)

My brother James is the eldest of my three brothers. His other sisters are Mary, Nora (deceased) and myself.

James had a constant smile when he was a young boy. He hated confrontation and aggression. His main interests were sport, music and the cinema. As soon as he learned to read he studied the sports results on the newspapers. My sister Nora and I gave him the nickname ‘Sport’.

When he went to Crab Lane School he had to gather firewood before school to light the fire in the classroom. His love of sport which lasts to this day continued in Christian Brothers’ School Cork.

His other interests in music and the cinema started at this time. He studied the violin with Mary Gallagher and joined the Cork Youth Orchestra.

Since then he has shown considerable insight into different musical styles and interpretation, with particular knowledge of opera and chamber music.

I have tremendous admiration for James’ dedication to these interests combined with his life as a writer. He has a musician’s ear for language combined with his unerring instinct for mastery of structure and form.

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